Production area: On hills of average height in the municipality of Rovato, the most important agricultural centre of Franciacorta. Grapes: 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir. Production technique: After the natural harvest, the grapes are softly pressed. The obtained grape must ferments at a temperature of 15-16 °C in stainless steel tanks. Bottling only in spring, the pre-fermentation and the bottles are placed in a horizontal position where they remain at rest for at least two years before being placed on the market. Organoleptic profile: The colour is yellow with greenish reflections, the foam is very abundant and the perlage is fine and persistent. The wine is intense and fruity with a note of lemon and pineapple. The ripe fruit flavour reveals elegance and sophistication and dominates without interfering with the presence of obvious mineral notes. How to serve: At low temperature (8-10°C) in thin glasses of good capacity. Pairing: It may accompany an entire meal, from appetizers to the first and second courses, not recommended to servewith creamy desserts.