Production area: On hills of average height in the municipality of Rovato, the most important agricultural centre of Franciacorta. Grapes: Mostly Cabernet and Merlot, only a small quantity of Barbera and Nebbiolo. Production technique: The grapes are harvested separately, starting with Merlot, then destemmed and crushed. The musts are fermented separately under controlled temperature and with contact to their own skins. After about two weeks the skins are separated from the must, which has become wine. After at least one year the wine can be bottled for trade. Organoleptic profile: Intense ruby red colour, aroma of red fruit, dry and well-balanced taste, harmonious and with a subtle tannic texture. How to serve: Temperature (16-18 °C) in thin bulbous glasses which are of great importance for an optimal tasting. Pairing: Wine of good structure, recommended for main courses of meat and game. Conservation: Can be kept for several years under optimal conditions of temperature (14-16 °C) base2